Contemporary art, Photography and Design are connected in WILD ART WEEKEND in the showroom Renord of Sesto San Giovanni from May, 24th to May, 26th, 2019.

Great Italian and international artists present their best works accurately selected by the artistic director of PA.NOVA Gallery Olga Panova.

Partner and location of exception for this artistic weekend, the recently renovated Renord car concession is tied to this artistic reality with a friendship of personal character and is a great estimatrice of the Milanese gallery.


Exhibition project for Poggio del Moro Winery from May 6th to July 6th in Poggio del Moro, Tuscany curated by PA.NOVA Gallery Milano.

The exhibition includes six female «Relics» which, on commission from the winery owner, reflect the elegance and strength of femininity.


The exhibition dedicated to the Meaning of the Femininity will touch the heart of the Tuscany

The wine-making company Poggio del Moro from the May, the 1st will become an open-air modern art gallery

From the 1st May to the 30 June Poggio del Moro Strada delle Cavine e Valli 79 Chianciano Terme (Si)

The wine-making company Poggio del Moro to Chianciano Terme, in province of Siena, starting from May, 1st up to June 30 will be the striking stage of a unique exhibition that will combine the suadente topic of the femininity with the intoxicating world of the wine.

The project realised for Poggio del Moro by Marco Rubbera and Enrico Mancini, the young artists of the PA.NOVA GALLERY of Milan, a unique creative space which presents contemporary art, photography, design, music and fashion from around the world, will present a series of enchanting sculptures without time realised in fabric and resin. The works will be arranged inside an installation planned by the scenografist Anita Accorsi and executed in the soft and esteemed Biseta fabrics, company specialised in the elaboration of jacquard and of tweed, giving life to sculptures in which it seems that it scours blood and life. Profound texts of rare intensity, written documents of Alessia Gandini, young woman writer who translates the works of Reliquiart into the words, will accompany each work and will guide the visitors, with greater pathos, in a run of reflexion, dense and introspective, to the meaning of the femininity, symbol of elegance, delicacy, dignity and authoritativeness.

The emotions that this exhibition wants to present to the public will be amplified by the nectar of Bacchus, which will accompany it in this singular journey between art and nature; a run, which will undertake the visitors, will stimulate and lighten all the senses of the soul, with the sight, the taste, the perfume and sound of the Mother Land.

Caronte of this intimate and enthralling experience will be “And Sicchè”, a young and dynamic wine, the last creation of Poggio del Moro, blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, and sangiovese.

The exhibition and the tasting of some wines of Poggio del Moro will be free.

The exhibition will be visitabile every day from Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sunday only on booking and for groups).

For the visitors who would like to unite art and to wine during the dinner or lunch, are requested to contact the company.


via Cavine e Valli 79 – 53042 Chianciano Terme (Si)

Tel. +39 0587 30508


Cocktail party with dj set: February, 22nd

Sales campaign: February, 23rd to March, 1st

Via Palermo, 11

PA.NOVA Gallery Milano

PA.NOVA Gallery, a unique creative space in the heart of Brera, in collaboration with Spaghetti Magazine for the first time unites modern art, photography and fashion to present a new IURI collection in frame of the photo works by Alberto Alicata.

Restart of IURI label with its OO collection, one bag, 4 shapes, ultimate geometry, minimalism, pure and clear design perfectly plays with the aestethics of pop art shots of Alberto Alicata who uses a symbol of contemporary Western culture: Barbie to recreate iconic images realized by the great masters, recreating a set to measure Barbie rebuilt in detail the limits of the obsessive precision, the original that inspired it, in order to strengthen the authenticity and strength of timeless images, now become part of our visual memory and intended to be timeless.

From monocolor to bi-color and multi color. IURI plays. Black and white are the dominant colors and the base of Iuri identity. The color palette continues with Red, Grey, Orange and Camel. The purpose is no-season, no country neither time and age. This is new I U R I.


Vernissage: February 13th, 2019. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with live performance of L.A.S. (Laboratory of Experimental Arts) Sculptures by Zizi Smail, Fabio Maestrelli, Roberto Giansanti, Giacomo Bonazza and Walter Bartolucci for the first time in Milan.

From the February, 14th to the March, 14th. Free entrance. PA.NOVA Gallery Milano via Palermo, 11

Art and wine are connected arm to arm in the cultural proposal art and wine of Pa.nova Gallery Milano and Betti.

The cultural project “TOSCANA DOC” will guide the visitors through a run that joins the beautiful art pieces by the Tuscan sculptors and the wines of the Cellars Betti.

Both, art and wine, are the world known characteristics of the rich and prosperous Toscana region, rediscovering it in its numerous shapes, colors and tastes. The intention is to find the beauty again, gathering art lovers to appreciate the masterpieces of Tuscanese sculptors sourcing a glass of excellent Tuscan wine, so they could have been curious to investigate the perfectness of shapes of the artworks accompanied with the excellent taste of top wines.

The philosophy of “Toscana Doc” exhibition is based on the promotion of the Tuscan art, underlining the red thread that centuries ties the wine to the culture.

The relationship is mutually beneficial: these unique artistic creations enhance the environment, and a glass of wine can often help us to understand them!

“Toscana Doc” is a little journey for the guests of the exhibition that transfers them on the hills of Tuscany and introduces into the warm and solar atmosphere of this land of the art and wine, in the profound Milanese winter in the heart of Brera, in the PA.NOVA Gallery.


On the 21st December PA.NOVA Gallery is organising the first artistic aperitif in the heart of Brera District together with the famous New Yorkese sculptor David Bebiano.

This evening opens a serie of «ARTIST TALKS» meetings with the international artists, photographers and stylists,

which are aiming to renovate the creative spirit of Brera district as a meeting point for cultural elite, Boheme and artistic society to discuss, collaborate and generate new projects together in a friendly atmosphere and with a glass of Franciacorta.

The event accompanied with the screening of iconic «Manhattan» by Woody Allen will completely immerse our guests into the New Yorkers artistic spirit thanks to charisma of our first speaker David Bebiano and his wide artistic and life experience.

During the evening David is going to talk about his artistic path in New Yorkers and international realities as well as make a life performance of creating of a bronze sculpture.

Entrance fee: 10 euro


Wednesday, 12th December, 6 p.m./ 9 p.m. – Olga Panova is inviting you to the first exhibition «CROPPED.CORPO» on the 12th December 2018 in the new gallery in via Palermo, 11

I am waiting you for a cocktail drink accompanied with the live saxophone music and beautiful works of young artists from all over the world.